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Network Tools and Connectors/EZ Tools and General Tools


The Platinum Tools EZ RJPRO HD, EZ RJ45 and ezEXO Crimp Tools crimp and trim EZ RJ45 connectors in one easy action. Platinum Tools designed the EZ RJ45 system to make termination of RJ45 connectors fast, reliable and above all, easy. No prior knowledge is required and only minimal training is required to produce perfect results every time. The inner conductors push all the way through the connector so you can pick up mistakes in the colour sequence and correct them before crimping. Saves time and cost.

Also in this category are cable preparation tools such as cutters and strippers from Platinum Tools along with other general tools such as compression tools, insertion tools, tool cases, electricians screwdrivers, screwdriver bits, pliers and electronic calipers.

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