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Wall Plates and Modules/Speaker Plates and Modules


Speakers wall plates provide connections for your loudspeakers using banana plugs or screw terminals. Our range consists of Euromod modules, single gang speaker plates, double gang speaker plates and architrave speaker plates. A variety of colours are available including white, black and brushed stainless steel.

All of our speaker sockets have screw terminals on the back so that in-wall speaker cables can be connected with a screwdriver - no soldering is required. On the front, we offer a choice of gold post speaker terminals or flat terminals. Gold post speaker sockets allow the use of 4mm banana plugs or the gold posts can be un-screwed to allow the speaker cable to be clamped directly to the posts. The flat speaker terminals allow connection using 4mm banana plugs only.

5.2 Speaker Module Gold ...


Speaker Module 2 Gold Po...


Speaker Module 2 Flat Te...


Sub Woofer Module on Black


Speaker Module for 5 pai...


5.2 Speaker Module Flat ...


Speaker Module 4 Flat Te...


Speaker Module 2 Flat Te...


2.1 Speaker Plate on BSS


7.1 Speaker Plate on BSS


Sub-Woofer Speaker Plate...


Architrave Sub-Woofer Sp...

single speaker module with gold posts in white front

Speaker Module 2 Gold Po...


Speaker Module 2.1 Black


Speaker Plate for 7.1 Su...