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Use Cat6A connectors in conjunction with Cat6A cable to increase the capacity of your networks. This system allows greater speeds than are possible with the standard Cat6 network. The connectors are two-part and require the dedicated Tele Titan tool for crimping.

ezEX48 Connectors x50 10...


ezEX48 Connectors x10


Cat6A Shielded 10Gb Conn...


Cat6A Shielded 10Gb Conn...


ezEX48 External Shielded...


ezEX48 External Shielded...


ezEX44 Connectors x50 10...

10Gb Cat6A termination kit Platinum Tools 90170 main

10Gb Termination Kit 90170


ezEX44 Internal Shielded...


ezEX44 Ext Shielded Conn...


ezEX44 Connectors x10


ezEX48 Connectors x100 2...