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Cables/HDMI Cables


All of the HDMI cables listed here are of high quality and capable of connecting devices with resolutions up to 1080p and 4k UHD. All are capable of working with 1080p 3D signals. Devices which have ethernet capability may require an HDMI cable with ethernet and these cables are identified below. Any normal HDMI connection can use an HDMI with ethernet cable, the ethernet capability is an add-on facility within the cable and does not impact on normal HDMI transmission.

Mini HDMI Cable 3m


Mini HDMI Cable 1m

hdmi cable with ethernet 5m

HDMI Cable 5m with Ethernet


HDMI Flat Cable 1.5m wit...


HDMI Cable With Up Facin...


HDMI Flat Cable 2m with ...


HDMI cable 1.5m with eth...


HDMI Flat Cable 5m with ...


HDMI Flat Cable 2.5m wit...


HDMI cable 2.5m with Swi...


HDMI cable 1.5m with Swi...


HDMI Cable with Down-Fac...