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Optical Cable 2.5m Toslink HQ Silver Series

Optical cables are used to carry multi channel sound between blu-ray players, DVD players, X-box 360, PS3 etc and surround sound receivers, amplifiers or TVs. They have a standard optical male plug at each end, often referred to as a TOSlink plug.

The cable uses light transmission to carry the digital signal, so it is unaffected by interference and other electrical influences, and the sound is rich and clear. This is a high specification professional optical cable with 24 carat gold plated contacts for superior signal transfer and corrosion restistance.

The conductor is a high purity Plastic Optical Fibre to prevent phase error and achieve high fidelity transmission, resulting in the ultimate listening experience. This professional optical cable has insulation made of low density polyethylene to reduce signal loss and improve transmission quality, while the jacket is made of a flexible PVC outer jacket with strain relief for optimal cable protection and a prolonged service life.


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