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Pack of 50 EZ RJ45 Cat5/6 Shielded Connectors 100020C

If you're in the market for reliable and high-quality RJ45 plugs for your network installations, look no further than the Platinum Tools EZRJ45 Connectors. These connectors, part number 100020C, are a product of the trusted Platinum Tools brand and are designed to simplify network installations while ensuring professional-grade results every time.

One of the key features of these EZRJ45 connectors is the ability to verify the conductors before crimping. This allows for perfect terminations every time, reducing the risk of errors or poor performance. The connectors are also designed to preserve cable twists, which helps to ensure optimal electrical performance and reduce the risk of crosstalk or interference.

The Platinum Tools EZRJ45 Connectors are compatible with Platinum Tools EZ RJPRO HD and EX crimpers with EZ Die, part numbers 100054C and 100062C. This compatibility ensures that these connectors work seamlessly with the crimping tools you already use, making them a versatile and convenient option for your network installations.

The connectors are designed to accommodate cables up to 6.6mm in diameter and support both solid and stranded cables between 24 and 23 AWG. The contacts are gold-plated for superior conductivity and long-lasting performance, reducing the risk of corrosion and ensuring reliable connections over time.

This pack of 50 shielded connectors is an economical choice for larger installations, making it a great option for both professional network installers and DIY enthusiasts. And, with industry-standard compliance, you can trust that these connectors meet the highest standards for network cabling, ensuring reliable and professional results.

In summary, the Platinum Tools EZRJ45 Connectors, part number 100020C, are a versatile and reliable option for your network installations. With features like conductor verification, cable twist preservation, and gold-plated contacts, these connectors are designed to deliver professional-grade results every time. And, with compatibility with Platinum Tools EZ RJPRO HD and EX crimpers, these connectors are a convenient and versatile option for any network installer.


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