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EZ-RJ45 Die For EXO Crimp frame 100072C

The EZ RJ45 Die

The EZ RJ45 die is designed for use with the EXO Crimp Frame (product code 450350). The frame comes complete with the EXO die for larger cables, but the EXO die can be easily exchanged for this EZ RJ45 die making the tool suitable for both the larger connectors of the ezEX-RJ45 connectors and the standard EZ RJ45 connectors for Cat5e, shielded and Cat6 cables.

The dies are interchangeable and can be fitted either way round so they are suitable for left and right handed use. This die is suitable for cables with a maximum inner conductor diameter of 1.02mm (including insulation). The outer diameter varies with the type of connector used between 6.35mm and 7.1mm.


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