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The Datalock is a combined strain relief and lock combined. It prevents accidental or unauthorised removal of your RJ45 connectors from their ports.

The strain relief must first be crimped to the appropriate connector and the connector inserted into the network port. Then the locking pin can be pushed through the strain relief where it prevents the connectors tab from being depressed, so preventing withdrawal of the connector. A key allows the locking pin to be removed which in turn allows the tab to be depressed and the connector removed from the port as usual. The locking pin can be re-used.

This Datalock can be used with EZ RJ45 Cat5e connectors only. It can NOT be used with EZ RJ45 Cat6 connectors, shielded EZ Cat5e or Cat6 connectors, or with standard (non-EZ) RJ45 connectors.

Included with this set are 20 red strain relief, 20 locking pins and 2 removal keys.

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