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Increased requirements for speed and bandwidth to deal with streaming TVs, multiple streaming PCs and gaming devices means that modern installations require faster networks such as Cat6A or Cat7. Such networks require larger shielded cables and this kit contains all you need to terminate Cat6A/10Gig cables.

The kit contains the two-part connectors, a cable jacket stripper, an external ground crimp tool and a 10Gig connector crimp tool.

The Tele Titan Xg Crimp Tool has been specially designed to crimp Cat6A/10gig connectors and it cannot be used with any other type of RJ45 connector. It produces a straight action crimp with miminal force and has built-in stripper and cutter.

The CT-360 External Ground Crimp Tool wraps the ground tabs around the cable without under or over crimping and possible distortion of the cable. It can deal with outer diameters between 6.2mm and 8.5mm and has a non-ratheted design.

The Cyclops Cable Jacket Stripper is self adjusting and can score the jackets of a number of different types of cables to allow easy jacket removal.

 There are 100 RJ45 Cat6A/10Gig two-part connectors included in this kit which can be used to terminate cables with outer diameters of up to 8.5mm and inner conductor outer diameters of up to 1.35mm.

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