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The Yoozybox Plasterguard PG1 acts like a safety shield and allows you to tile and plaster around new or existing socket outlets without danger of electrocution or damage to the cables. Circuits can be left live while the work is carried out with no danger to the owner or tradesmen. The Yoozybox Plasterguard provides a 1inch extension to the back-box onto which a socket outlet can be secured using standard socket screws. The pictures below clearly demonstrate the benefits.

In certain circumstances, it may be preferable to fit a Yoozybox Lid onto the Yoozybox  while the work is carried out. The Yoozybox could then conceal and protect temporary terminal strip connections, so keeping the ring continuous and energised until the final accessory is available to fit at a later date.


  • Would you like to first and second fix your rewire or kitchen upgrade in one go?
  • Would you like to walk away knowing your installation is safe overnight or even over the weekend?
  • Would you like to know that the plasterers are safe and they cannot drop plaster into your boxes tripping the RCD?
  • Would you like to plaster around boxes knowing you can not get an electric shock?
  • Would you like to plaster the rewire once and achieve a good finish knowing you will not have to go back doing any snagging?
  • Would you like to grout and tile around sockets safely?

yoozybox benefits 

The Yoozybox Plasterguard is the answer you have been looking for!

  • The Yoozybox has been specifically designed for the domestic rewire industry
  • The Yoozybox fits perfectly in between any electrical accessory and its back box giving a protective seal of 1 inch
  • The Yoozybox is fitted and removed by just sliding it over the accessory
  • The Yoozybox can be fitted and removed easily with the wires connected as illustrated below;

yoozybox installation

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