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Terminate keystone jacks in one stroke. Place the conductors in the correct sequence according to the colour code on the keystone jack, place the jack inside the tool and depress the handle. All 8 conductors are seated and trimmed in one simple and smooth operation. No stress on cables and no risk of damage to the jack faces or the wall. Saves time and effort on both large or small jobs. Designed for 110 type, 4 pair keystone jacks.

The keystone jack tool is made of heavy duty carbon tool steel finished in a rust resistant black oxide finish with comfort grip TPR handles for prolongued use.

This insertion tool comes complete with a die for use with Platinum Tools keystone jacks and other similar designs. To buy Platinum Tools' keystone jacks or replacement dies, see the related products on the right hand side of this page.

See the Videos tab above for details on how to replace or align the die.

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