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This Tele-Titan Xg2.0 crimp tool is designed to crimp 10Gigabit external ground connectors to larger cables such as Cat6A, Cat7 and oversized Cat5 and Cat6 cables. It is not designed to crimp standard RJ45 connectors or EZ RJ45 connectors.

The Tele-Titan Xg2.0 crimp tool works in two stages. The connector is first placed into the cavity at the front of the tool where the contacts are crimped to the connector, then placed into the rear of the tool for crimping the external ground.

The tool works with 10Gb shielded connectors which are engineered specifically for Cat6A cables to provide consistent 10Gb performance every time.


  • RJ45 10Gb Cat6A shielded connectors
  • Cat6e, Cat6A, Cat7 and over-sized Cat5e/6 cables


  • S45C carbon steel frame
  • Rust resistant black oxide finish

Technical Data

  • Length 135mm
  • Weight 296g
  • Cat6A 10Gb shielded connectors -

    • Exceeds 10Gigabit performance standards
    • UL and RoHS compliant
    • Max cable OD 8.5mm
    • Max conductor OD 1.35mm

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