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Varilight XSG2 Stainless Steel Faceplate with Black Brush Module

This Varilight XSG2 brush plate faceplate is an essential addition to any home or office that requires neat and tidy cable management.

The brush plate is designed to eliminate unnecessary connections and terminations, reducing installation time and the risk of signal degradation. By passing cables directly through the brush plate, the risk of signal loss or interference is significantly reduced. The elimination of these connections also means that a TV or other equipment can be placed closer to the wall, providing a sleek and modern look to any installation.

The brush plate fits a standard electrical back box, and screws are included for ease of installation. Even those without experience can install the Varilight XSG2 faceplate and black brush module with ease.

The Stainless Steel brush plate with black brush module features a fire retardant brush module that offers additional safety and security. Its overall size of 86mm x 86mm x 8mm deep provides ample space for cable routing while maintaining a low profile. The brush plate is versatile and practical and is suitable for use with AV, HDMI, audio, video, network, and phone cables.

In conclusion, the Varilight XSG2 brush plate with black brush module is the perfect solution for managing cables and creating a clean and modern installation. Its design eliminates unnecessary connections, reducing installation time and the risk of signal degradation. The brush plate is easy to install and fits a standard electrical back box. 

The single gang brush plate measure 86mm x 86mm and is 8mm deep. The aperture measures 50mm x 39mm. Complete with brushes and screws to fit standard electrical back boxes.

Please note that some internal walls provide fire protection between adjacent rooms. If your walls have been built in this way you must take measures to ensure that you do not reduce this protection. You can do this by using a standard electrical back box and by installing intumescent fire strips that expand when exposed to heat and seal the opening. If you are in any doubt, please consult a qualified electrician. Note also that in order to comply with electrical regulations it is not advisable to mix mains and other low voltage cables with signal/AV cables in the same back box without mechanical separation.

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