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This speaker plate allows you to pre-wire your home cinema for surround sound, keeping cables out of sight.

The speaker and sub-woofer cables simply terminate at this plate, mounted directly behind the surround sound receiver, and connect to speaker terminals mounted directly behind the speakers. When the time comes to install the system, simply plug the receiver into this surround sound plate and the speakers into the terminals provided for them.

The module measures 50mm x 50mm and is designed to fit a standard 2 module Euromod wall plate.

All speaker connections are via screw terminals mounted on the back of the wall plates - no soldering iron is required. At the rear of the RCA socket for the sub is an F-type connector for connection to a coaxial cable.

At the front, two speakers can be connected to the gold plated terminals marked in red and black using 4mm banana plugs, or the gold posts can be un-screwed allowing cable to be clamped directly to the posts. The sub-woofer plugs into the RCA/phono connection.


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