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Screwless Varilight Brushplate in Brushed Brass Double Gang with Black Brush

This range of high quality brush faceplates is exclusive to us and is available in many colour options. These faceplates are from the Varilight Dimensions range so they will match your existing Varilight faceplates exactly.

For use wherever cables pass through walls, this brush faceplate keeps the outlet looking clean and tidy. Use behind TVs and other AV equipment to avoid unnecessary connections and terminations. Every connection adds a potential risk to the integrity of the signal passing through, so avoid the use of expensive AV faceplates and simply take your cable right through the wall and straight to its destination. In addition, the space saved by eliminating plug and socket connections at the faceplate means that LCDs and Plasmas can be placed closer to the wall.

The brush faceplate assembly screws to a standard UK electrical back box whilst the metal front plate simply clips on to create a flat clean, brush faceplate suitable for a wide variety of installations.  (Please note that mains voltage electrical cables and signal cables must not be mixed within a single outlet.)

The double gang brush plates measure 146mm x 86mm and they are 4.2mm deep. The aperture measures 100mm x 50mm.Complete with brushes and screws to fit standard electrical back boxes.

Please note that in order to comply with building regulations, when used in compartment walls this product must be installed in conjunction with a back box. Measures must also be taken to reinstate the fire performance of the original wall and to protect against the spread of fire, by the use of fire resistant pads or other such methods. In order to comply with electrical regulations it is not advisable to mix mains and other low voltage cables with signal/AV cables in the same back box without mechanical separation.

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