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RJ45 Network Ethernet Tester with Switch Port Identification Function KA228

The Kauden KA228 RJ45 Network Cable Tester is a cable tester for RJ45 ethernet cables with the extra feature of being able to identify the live port on a hub or switch to which the cable is connected.

The RJ45 network tester includes a plug-in remote allowing testing for short circuits, open circuits and incorrect wiring. The LEDs on both the tester and the remote unit light to indicate the results of the continuity test. Missing lights indicate open circuits or short circuits (with the absence of lights on the main unit or the remote indicating which type of fault), while the sequence of lights identifies crossed connections.

In cable test mode the tester should not be connected to a live circuit, however overvoltage protection will protect the unit from damage if connection is made accidentally.

The hub blink function allows the RJ45 tester to be plugged in at the remote end of a cable, either directly or via an outlet port, and the tester will then communicate with the hub. The port that the cable is connected to will flash such a way that the user easily identify the port. 

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