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This Optical Switch takes up to 4 optical audio inputs and allows you to select which input device appears at the output. So you can connect the audio from a TV, a DVD player, a Blu-Ray player and a satellite receiver, for example, and connect an audio amplifier to the output. Then use the switch on the front panel or the remote control to select which audio source gets sent to the amplifier.

There is an infra red lead supplied so that you can hide the switch away and still operate it using the remote control handset. 


  • 4in 1out switch
  • Remote Control (with Battery)
  • UK power supply
  • User Manual


  • Inputs - four optical SPDIF/Toslink sockets
  • Outputs - one optical SPDIF/Toslink socket
  • Audio Output Options
    • LPCM2.0/DTS/Dolby AC3
  • Power supply DC 5V (supplied with UK plug)
  • LED indicators for input and output selections
  • Maximum output optical cable length 40m
  • Size 48mm x 109mm x 21mm
  • Weight 235g
  • Case Material - black painted metal
  • 12 Month Warranty




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