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The Netgear GS108Ev3 8-port Gigabit Smart Managed Switch has many network features that help to optimise the performance of the switch in business networks. Support for VLAN virtual networks and IGMP snooping allow traffic to be prioritised and segregated. These features make the switch ideal for use with video distribution and especially useful for use with HDMI over TCP/IP transmitters and receivers (see related products).

When used at the centre of an HDMI distribution network, this device can act as an HDMI matrix, by segregating ethernet traffic and connecting specific transmitters to specific receivers or groups of receivers according to the VLAN set up within the switch.

The device has both web-based and software based (provided on a CD) setup facilities, making setup extremely simple. When used in a standard business or home network, this switch is ideal for file sharing, backup, email and web browsing. There are 8 ports in total which are all connected within the same network by default, but which can be segregated into many virtual networks if required.

The switch offers QoS to prioritise traffic, auto DoS (denial of service) for security and IGMP snooping for improved multicast performance. The switch also has energy efficiency features which switch off unused ports to conserve energy.

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