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This IR over HDMI kit allows you to control any device by remote control and utilising your existing HDMI cable, even when out of sight. No additional cable is necessary. Simply disconnect your HDMI cable and place one of the IR injectors supplied at each end of the HDMI cable. Connect the infra red receiver to the injector at the TV end and connect the infra red transmitter to the other end to control a distant set-top box, DVD player, Blu-Ray player etc while watching the TV.

This IR over HDMI kit works with any standard remote control using the typical 30kHz to 50kHz frequency. It works by utilising the often unused CEC channel which is built into your HDMI cable. The CEC channel is not frequently used but it allows your TV to communicate directly with peripherals of the same brand, for example Anynet+ by Samsung, Bravia Link by Sony, Viera Link by Panasonic and Aquos Link by Sharp - this product switches off this system. It cannot be used alongside any of the CEC systems listed above or similar ones used by other manufacturers. If you are currently using a CEC system to allow your TV to control your Blu-Ray player, DVD player or other sources, then this kit is probably not required. This kit works with HDMI cables of up to 25m and works with systems including HDMI splitters, switches or HDMI extenders.

Please note that this product will NOT work with the Virgin Tivo or Humax receivers.



  • HDMI IR injectors
  • 1 IR Receiver and cable
  • 1 IR Transmitter and cable


  • Carrier frequency 30kHz - 50kHz
  • Injector input - one full size HDMI socket, one 3.5mm IR input
  • Injector output - one full size HDMI plug, one 3.5mm IR output
  • Size each injector 38mm x 22mm x 15mm
  • 12 Month Warranty

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