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This 50m HDMI Extender allows you to extend HDMI HDTV signals for a distance of up to 50m using only a single Cat5e/Cat6 cable. It eliminates the need to use expensive and fragile HDMI cables over long distances. The source can be any device producing an HDMI signal with resolution from 480i up to 1080p @ 60Hz, such as a Blu Ray player, DVD player, HD camera, DVR or satellite receiver.

This 50m HDMI Extender also allows IR control of the source equipment from the display end using a remote control. A pair of wideband IR (30kHz to 60kHz) transmitters and receivers is supplied. The transmitter has a loop through facility so that a local TV can be fed directly from the transmitter while at the same time extending the signal to a remote TV. The extender carries a full HD 1080p HDMI signal plus lossless audio including surround sound up to 7.1ch or stero digital audio. 

Adjustment for cable length can be made via EQ settings on the receiver. An EDID switch on the transmitter will copy the EDID information from the receiver's display when set to the left. When set to the right, the EDID data from the loop out display will be sent to the source. The devices carry full size HDMI sockets, an RJ45 socket and 3.5mm jack sockets for the infra-red transmitters and receivers.  The kit requires only one mains power supply at the transmitter end (supplied). 

A link LED on the transmitter illuminates when the transmitter is connected to a valid HDMI source. A lock light on the receiver will illuminate when the receiver connects to the transmitter and produces an HDMI output.

The minimum distance over which this kit will work is 5m.



  • HDMI to RJ45 Transmitter
  • HDMI to RJ45 Receiver
  • IR Receiver
  • IR Transmitter
  • Single UK power supply
  • User Manual



  • Transmitter Input - one full size HDMI socket, one 3.5mm IR input
  • Transmitter Output - one full size HDMI socket for local display and one RJ45 for UTP cable, one 3.5mm IR output
  • Receiver Input - one RJ45 for UTP cable, one 3.5mm IR input
  • Receiver Output - one full size HDMI socket, one 3.5mm IR output
  • 3D compatible
  • Input/Output Resolutions
    • 480i to 1080p at 50/60Hz
  • EDID options
    • Copy EDID from the transmitter loop out
    • Copy EDID from the receiver HDMI out
  • Lossless audio
  • Power supply DC 5V (supplied with UK plug)
  • Power indicator
  • Link indicator
  • Lock indicator
  • Size each 70mm x  79mm x 16mm
  • Weight each 133g
  • Case Material - black painted metal
  • 12 Month Warranty

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