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This HDMI Extender allows you to extend a 1080p HDMI signal up to 70m or a 4k HDMI signal up to 40m using only a single UTP cable. Eliminates unreliable expensive lengthy HDMI cables and replaces them with standard Cat5e/Cat6 UTP cable.

Connect sources such as DVD or Blu-Ray to the transmitter using HDMI cable of up to 5m in length then connect display equipment such as a TV or projector to the receiver using standard HDMI cable of up to 5m in length. A single CAT5e or CAT6 cable is then used to connect the transmitter to the receiver.

This HDMI Extender also carries two-way IR signals allowing you to control source equipment from a remote display or to control remote equipment from the source. The extender carries a full HD 1080p HDMI signal plus lossless audio including Dolby trueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD master audio.Each device carries full size HDMI sockets, an RJ45 socket and 3.5mm jack sockets for the infra-red transmitters and receivers. Only one power supply is required which can be placed at either end - the opposite end receives power via the CAT5/6 cable. 

See the Video tab above for a demonstration of this product.



  • HDMI to RJ45 Transmitter
  • HDMI to RJ45 Receiver
  • 2 IR Receivers
  • 2 IR Transmitters
  • UK power supply
  • User Manual




  • Transmitter Input - one full size HDMI socket, one 3.5mm IR input
  • Transmitter Output - one full size HDMI socket for local display and one RJ45 for UTP cable, one 3.5mm IR output
  • Receiver Input - one RJ45 for UTP cable, one 3.5mm IR input
  • Receiver Output - one full size HDMI socket, one 3.5mm IR output
  • 3D compatible, 4k compatible
  • Input/Output Resolutions for 70m

    • 1080p at 60Hz 36bit
    • 3D 1080p at 30Hz 36bit
  • Input/Output Resolutions for 40m
    • 1080p at 60Hz 48bit
    • 1080p at 120Hz 24bit
    • 3D 1080p at 60Hz 36bit
    • 4k x 2k at 30Hz 24bit
  • Lossless audio
  • Power supply DC 12V (supplied with UK plug)
  • Link indicator
  • Size each 100mm x 65mm x 25mm
  • Weight each 200g
  • Case Material - black painted metal
  • 12 Month Warranty



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