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Newer HDMI devices may use HDCP2.2 as a means of copy protection. Sky Q is one of those devices. The purpose of HDCP is to control the environment in which the device operates by ensuring that all devices in the chain comply with HDCP2.2 and if so, only then allowing an image to be produced by the source. This is done by means of handshaking whereby the source, such as a Sky Q box, communicates with the display, say a newer UHD TV, to ensure that the TV is a legitimate device and not a device that may be used to copy the UHD content of the Sky Q box.

This ensures that copyright material cannot readily be copied.

The downside is that many homes and commercial premises contain systems that distribute pictures across several displays. If an HDMI splitter is used, the HDCP2.2 source may refuse to produce an image and the result is often sound with a blank screen. Sometimes an image may be seen for several seconds before blanking out.

So an installation with one UHD TV and several older 1080p TVs, one that used to work perfectly with Sky HD, now refuses to work with Sky Q. This is the same even when Sky Q is set to a resolution of 1080p. Similar problems may occur with matrices, amplifiers, projectors and video walls.

This HDCP converter downgrades the HDCP protection from HDCP2.2 to HDCP1.4. When placed in-between the source and a splitter, it can ensure that the source sees an HDCP2.2 device when it performs it's handshake and it will then go on to produce an image. The image is in no way degraded by the intoduction of this device.

The device works with resolutions up to 4k @ 60Hz and with all standard HDMI audio modes.


  • HDCP2.2 to HDCP1.4 Converter
  • Mini USB power lead
  • User Manual


  • Input - full size HDMI socket
  • Output - full size HDMI socket
  • Input/Output Resolutions

    • Up to 4k UHD @ 30Hz with 24bit RGB/YCbCr 4:4:4 or YCbCr 4:2:2
    • Up to 4k UHD @ 60Hz with 12 bit YCbCr 4:2:0

  • Size 60mm x 55mm x 20mm
  • Weight 35g
  • 12 Month Warranty

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