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The EXO Crimp Tool

The EXO Crimp Tool is a versatile crimp and termination tool designed to accept interchangeable dies which are available to cope with both standard and larger diameter cables for Cat5, Cat6 and Cat6A networks.

The EXO frame forms the basis of this system and is the platform into which the various dies are placed. The dies are interchangeable and can be fitted either way round so they are suitable for left and right handed use. The die supplied with this tool is the EX die, suitable for cables with a maximum outer diameter of 7.36mm and maximum outer diameter of the inner conductors ranging from 1.0mm - 1.12mm or from 1.09mm - 1.22mm, depending upon the connectors in use.

The connectors lock into the tool so they are perfectly positioned prior to the crimping process. The precision manufacturing process used for both the tool and the dies ensures that the terminated cables are rated up to 10 Gigabit where appropriate.


The ezEX-RJ45 Connectors

The ezEX-RJ45 connectors are a simple one piece design with no bars or liners. The connectors are designed to allow the inner conductors to pass all the way through the connector so that the sequence of conductors can be checked before the connector is crimped, so avoiding mistakes and saving time. The crimping process crimps the connector to the outer jacket, crimps the inner conductors and trims the inner conductors flush with the end of the connector, all in one operation.

Connectors are suitable for cables with solid or stranded conductors.

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