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This starter kit includes the EX crimp tool with EX die for the ezEX range of connectors plus the EZ die for use with standard size EZ Cat5e, Cat6 and EZ shielded connectors. The crimp tool uses the well-known EZRJ45 system whereby the conductors are ushed all the way through the connector so that the sequence of colours can be seen before the connector is crimped. The EX crimp tool, die and connectors allow the use of this system on larger diameter cables used in Cat6 or Cat6A networks. The ezEX44 and ezEX48 connectors in this kit have staggered cable entries allowing their use on cables with inner conductors up to 1.12mm and 1.22mm in diameter, respectively.

The dies are interchangeable and reversible for right or left-handed use. 

This kit is supplied in a tough Stanley organiser case with additional containers for extra connectors or strain relief. The see-through plastic means that it is easy to check your stock levels before you leave without opening the case. This kit includes the ezEX RJ45 crimp tool, the EX and the EZ dies, a cable stripper, 10 ezEX44 connectors and 10 ezEX48 connectors. 

Please note that these kits are built to order so please allow a few days for delivery.


ez RJ45 Features

  • Wire sequence is Eee-Zee to verify before crimping.
  • Reduced scrap, no wasted connectors.
  • Single action crimps and trims the conductors.
  • Interchangeable die sets.
  • Reversible die for left or right handed operation.
  • Works with solid or stranded conductors.
  • EX Die works with inner conductors up to 1.12mm (with ezEX44 connectors)
  • EX Die works with inner conductors up to 1.22mm (with ezEX48 connectors)
  • Works with cable outer diameter up to 7.36mm
  • EzRJ45 die works with all existing EZ RJ45 connectors - Cat5e, Cat6 and shielded

Hard Case Features

  • From the Stanley Fatmax range
  • Water resistant seal around the see-through lid (IP53)
  • Transparent polycarbonate lid
  • Metal catches
  • Metal hinge pins
  • Catches to allow connection to other organiser boxes in the same range
  • Measures 44.6cm x 35.7cm x 7.4cm

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