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This HDMI modulator takes an HDMI signal from any HDMI source such as Blu-Ray, DVD, satellite receiver, media player or HD CCTV camera and converts it into an RF signal which can be distributed through the aerial system as a Freeview channel. Tuning the TV to a vacant Freeview channel allows you to watch the HDMI source in high definition on your Freeview TV.

The modulator can be used with a single TV, or it can be distributed throughout your home, business or commercial premises using your existing TV aerial distribution system to mutliple TVs. It is compatible with all splitters and devices that would be used with any Freeview distribution system, so no additional equipment is required. See the Video tab above for a demonstration of this modulator.

If it is required that more than one HDMI source be distributed throughout the system, a number of HDMI modulators can be connected in series, with each one set to a different output channel. Selecting the source you want to watch is then as simple as selecting a different channel on your TV.  See the documents tab above for detailed instructions on cascading modulators.

This modulator produces a DVB-T output with video encoded using MPEG4. It is directly compatible with all UK Freeview HD TVs and with many recent Freeview TVs. Check the instruction book or the internet to find out if your TV has the necessary MPEG4 video encoding. If not, or if one or more of your TVs does not receive Freeview at all, there are several low cost Freeview HD set top boxes available that will allow you to receive the Freeview channel from this modulator and display it on your TV, (along with all the other Freeview HD channels available in your area as a bonus if you connect an external aerial). If you are unsure about a particular model of TV, please contact us.

The modulator is set to channel 43 by default. To make sure you do not get interference, check the Freeview coverage for your area using https://ukfree.tv/prediction and typing in your postcode. Then select the "TV Technical" option at the top of the results page to see the channels in use in your area. The channel to use on your modulator should not be the same as any of those listed in your area. If Channel 43 is listed, simply select a different channel number and "Save" as described in the user manual.

Remote control of several sources is possible by using the TVLink Mini Eye in conjunction with the TVLink Plus, or similar, as shown in one of the diagrams above. This will enable you to control your DVD player, Sky box etc from one or more of the remote TVs. See the related products on the right for further details.


For a copy of the User Manual and other pdfs, click the Documents tab above.



  • HDMI to DVB-T modulator
  • UK Power Supply
  • Instruction Book


  •  Digital HDMI Modulator single-channel DVB-T VHF/UHF
  •  INPUT signal: HDMI
  •  OUTPUT signal: FULL HIGH DEFINITION 1080p, Digital Terrestrial DVB-T signal, MPEG4.
  •  FULL HIGH DEFINITION resolution (1080i, up to 1080p@30FPS)
  •  Frequency Range: 174~233MHZ(VHF III), 470 - 858 (470-790 with LTE-ON), MHz (UHF) 
  •  RF Output Level: Factory default 90 db΅V, up to +6db΅V (in +2db΅V steps) or down to -14db΅V (in -2db΅V steps)
  •  All-Band RF LOOP input: 50MHZ~2400MHZ.
  •  Embedded 4G-LTE filter, with ON-OFF switch.
  •  M.E.R. more than 35 db.
  •  Symbol rate up to 31.668 Mbps.
  •  Fast USB stick upgrade (even less than 15 seconds, depending on file).
  •  CONFIG DATA function (USB extract, easy upload to Modulator) 
  •  3-Processor System W/Host: CPU: 200MHz 32Bits RISC/ Security Processor: 200MHz 32Bits/Audio processor:200MHz 32Bits. 
  •  Aspect Ratio: 16:9 wide screen, 4:3 letter box, 4:3 pan scan,support AFD(DTG, MingDTG).
  •  Display: 128x32 dots OLED Display (IIC or SPI communication protocol) LED Indicator 
  •  Power supply unit type: Adapter Input:100~240V AC,Output:DC 12V/2.0A 
  •  Power consumption in normal working mode: < 10W 
  •  Dimensions: 164x106x41 mm. 
  •  Case: Black Painted Metal
  •  Warranty: Two [2] years.

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