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As the performance of networks becomes more critical owing to the high demands made by streaming and by the ever increasing use of networks in general, cables have become bigger in order to cope and they are often shielded. These 10Gigabit connectors have been designed to allow maximum performance from your cable and in fact they exceed the requirements of Cat6A/10Gb termination systems.

This connector has been developed in conjunction with the Tele-Titan Xg crimp tool and is not compatible with any other crimp tool (see below for the link to the tool on this site).


  • Use in RJ45 category 6e, 6A, 7 compliant data networks and patch cords.
  • Use with oversized Cat5e and Cat6 cables.

Technical Data

  • Supplied in a pack of 10
  • Cat6A 10Gb shielded connectors -

    • Exceeds 10Gigabit performance standards
    • UL and RoHS compliant
    • Max cable OD 8.5mm
    • Max conductor OD 1.35mm

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