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Pack of 10 Cat6A Shielded 10Gb Connectors 106193C

Platinum Tools 106193 connectors are the perfect match for the Tele-Titan Xg2.0 crimp tool (12516C) when it comes to terminating Cat6A and Cat7 cables. With a pack of 10 connectors, this set is perfect for professional installers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

These two-part connectors come complete with a liner, which makes cable preparation a breeze. Simply strip the outer jacket off the cable and place the inner conductors into the liner in the correct colour sequence. Trim the conductors to length and insert the cable, along with the liner, into the connector. Crimp the connector with the Tele-Titan Xg2.0 crimp tool and enjoy consistent 10Gig performance.

The maximum outer diameter of the cable is 8.5mm, and the maximum diameter of the inner conductors including insulation is 1.35mm, so you can also use the Tele-Titan Xg2.0 crimp tool and 106193 connectors to terminate oversized Cat5e and Cat6 industrial ethernet cables.

The Platinum Tools 106193 connectors are built to the highest standards, ensuring reliable performance and longevity. These connectors can only be used with the Tele-Titan Xg2.0 crimp tool (12516C), which has a built-in die for crimping the external ground, ensuring consistent 10Gig performance.

If you're looking for a complete solution for terminating Cat6A and Cat7 cables, the Platinum Tools 106193 connectors and Tele-Titan Xg2.0 crimp tool (12516C) are the perfect combination. Whether you're installing ethernet cables in a commercial or industrial environment, this set is sure to meet all your needs.


  • Use in RJ45 category 6e, 6A, 7 compliant data networks and patch cords.
  • Use with oversized Cat5e and Cat6 cables.

Technical Data

  • Supplied in a pack of 10
  • Cat6A 10Gb shielded connectors -

    • Exceeds 10Gigabit performance standards
    • UL and RoHS compliant
    • Max cable OD 8.5mm
    • Max conductor OD 1.35mm

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