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For use wherever cables pass through walls, this brush module keeps the outlet looking clean and tidy.

Brush modules are an ideal way to bring cables through walls and make good the hole through which they emerge at the same time. The aperture is wide enough to allow fully terminated cables to pass through for connection directly to a TV or other device. The ability to pass the cables directly through the brushes means that unnecessary terminations and connections at a dedicated AV faceplate are eliminated, making for a faster installation and less chance of a poor connection. The faceplates can be screwed to a standard electrical back box or simply attached directly to the wall. The brush aperture is large enough for HDMI plugs, VGA plugs and network cables etc. to pass through.

This module fits all of our euromod faceplates and takes up the space of two modules, measuring 50mm x 50mm x 12mm deep overall. The aperture measures 32mm wide x 32mm high.

Please note that in order to comply with building regulations, when used in compartment walls this product must be installed in conjunction with a back box. Measures must also be taken to reinstate the fire performance of the original wall and to protect against the spread of fire, by the use of fire resistant pads or other such methods. In order to comply with electrical regulations it is not advisable to mix mains and other low voltage cables with signal/AV cables in the same back box without mechanical separation.


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