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This adapter plate allows brushes to be installed behind any suitable modular style faceplate, eliminating any matching issues and creating a very versatile product. The product is designed to fit a standard single gang electrical back box and the aperture (the visible brush area) measures 54mm wide by 51mm high.

Brush plates allow cables to pass through walls without leaving an unsightly hole. An electrical back box can be used as support for the brush plate or the plate can simply be attached directly to the wall. Cables can be passed through the brush plate already terminated with HDMI plugs, VGA plugs, RJ45 connectors etc, so eliminating the need to purchase a special AV faceplate and avoiding the need to add additional connections and terminations to your cable run. Fewer connections means a faster installation and less chance of a poor connection.

single adapter plate exploded

 The adapter plate in use (back box and faceplate not included)

Please note that in order to comply with building regulations, when used in compartment walls this product must be installed in conjunction with a back box. Measures must also be taken to reinstate the fire performance of the original wall and to protect against the spread of fire, by the use of fire resistant pads or other such methods. In order to comply with electrical regulations it is not advisable to mix mains and other low voltage cables with signal/AV cables in the same back box without mechanical separation.

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