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This HDMI to Audio Converter allows you to connect an analogue amplifier or headphones to any source fitted with an HDMI output. The input can be a games console, such as the Xbox or Playstation, or any other source equipment such as a satellite receiver, set top box or DVD player.

This Mini HDMI to Audio converter uses the latest low power circuitry so it does not need an external power supply. Normally the unit can be powered through the HDMI cable using the power supply facility built into most standard HDMI output connections. Some older HDMI equipment may not have this facility, so a USB socket is built into the converter allowing the use of an external power supply if necessary. A USB cable is supplied for this purpose.

The input connection on this device is a standard full size HDMI socket. The output is a pair of red and white phono connectors and a 3.5mm stereo audio socket for audio. Audio can be connected to a suitable external amplifier or to earphones.

Note that this device can only extract analogue stereo if the HDMI signal is carrying digital two channel PCM. It will not work if the audio input signal is multi channel 5.1, 7.1 or HD audio.



  • HDMI to Audio Converter
  • USB to mini USB lead for power if required
  • User Manual



  • Output - Red and white RCA/phono sockets for stereo audio
  • Output - 3.5mm jack for stereo audio
  • Input - Full size HDMI socket
  • Supports PCM audio up to 192kHz
  • Size 6.6cm x 5.5cm x 2.0cm
  • Weight 40g
  • 12 Month Warranty

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